Short Film Showcasing Red Giant’s Magic Bullet

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Career Resources, Industry News

Red Giant puts out a powerful color correction software called Magic Bullet. There are multiple products coupled together in the Magic Bullet Suite, offering tools for just about any scenario. (For those of you who are cheap like me, they also have a free version of their standard corrector, Colorista II). Basically, there’s so much the program can offer, it’s hard to break it down simply.

And so, Red Giant put together this surprisingly awesome short film simply to serve as an example of their array of products in action.

Probably the next coolest thing to watching that film is watching the making of. It’s there that you can see the real before/after shots that are run through color correction.

From here, you can begin to decide if your project could benefit from Magic Bullet. The pricing is steep at times, but compared to higher-end professional correction, the folks at Red Giant have made a truly great product for the price. Also, there’s free trials for all the products, so don’t think you can’t at least try out everything (if you don’t mind watermarks).

 – David, Production Chair


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