Lets learn some editing basics!

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Career Resources

Alright everyone, so many of you at our meeting a few weeks ago mentioned that you’re interested in learning some of the basics of filmmaking, which is great! So here we’ll start showing you the foundation of making your own movie… EDITING! There are many different avenues on going about editing, but lets start with one of the most common—using Final Cut Pro.

If you already know how to use FCP, than stay tuned for a blog coming up where we will delve into the wonders of Audodesk Maya Animation software! (a really handy skill to have in order to keep your resume looking unique and fresh).

Now for starters, Final Cut Pro can be rather expensive, but if you buy it as a student you’ll be able to get a discounted version which should do most things you need it too. It can be beneficial to buy Final Cut Pro while you’re still in school, not only to save yourself a little cash, but also for those of you who plan on professionally making films, its good to know and have the software so that if a job comes up you’re ready to go!

However, if you have a few years before you graduate, you may want to hold off. We live in an ever changing world of technology and by the time you graduate, you could have an outdated editing software (though Final Cut Pro 7 will probably still be being used). SO if you’re not really wanting to spend money on the software yet, than no worries! If you’re a Grady student you’ll be able to use the computers on the 5th floor of Grady in the computer lab, and they have Final Cut Pro software and tape decks!

Now, before editing your film, make sure you have your script and all of your shot sheets with you. Its a good idea to plan out your editing BEFORE you start; it’ll make the process much smoother.

Here is a great website where you can get all the paperwork templates you could ever want for all the stages of making your film (including editing) →   http://makingthemovie.info/2005/02/free-paperwork.html

Below is a video about the absolute basics on Final Cut Pro; make sure to jot down the more important things, like settings and numbers, these notes will come in handy when you start working and specifics have slipped your mind.

The guy who did this first video, actually has a FCP beginners series, which looks pretty helpful if you’d like to continue to look through the videos and get better aquainted with the software.

If this tutorial is not to your liking, there are plently more all over the internet, and there is always your friendly Filmmakers’ Union officers! And we’re always glad to help you out with any questions you may have, just shoot us an e-mail!


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