Grady LA: Part I

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Uncategorized


FU officer Nicole here! I just got back from spending a whopping two months out in Los Angeles, California and do I have some exciting things to relay to you guys! First off, Grady LA… DO IT. It’s a new program you can apply for if you’re a Grady student and I highly suggest you take advantage of it. Jen Smith leads the program and has SO MANY connections in Los Angeles and though the program details are mysterious at the start, you’ll get super pumped when you find out who you’ll be meeting and what you’ll be doing. Not only did I meet tons of contacts but I learned more during those two months about the film industry than I did the past 3 years in school. Yeah UGA gives you the basics, but its going out into the real world of movies/commercials that you really get to know what kind of career you’re looking at. One thing that was a bit intense about Grady LA was definitely the schedule. Let’s break this down.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Internship – My personal hours were from 8:30am to 6pm. LONG DAYS.
  • Tuesday: Class/Speakers – Those of us who took the Screenwriting class with Jen Smith (myself included) met with her Tuesdays to develop our ideas. Usually we’d also have a guest speaker from the film industry come and talk with us/we would go to a production company’s office and talk with them.
  • Thursday: Speakers/Activities – More guest speakers and going to production companies
  • Weekends: Whatever you felt like doing, if you had any energy left after the week… though some field trips/guest speakers were thrown in regularly on weekends as well.
The program was definitely an intense and tiring experience, but I would NOT have traded it for the world. TOP 3 HIGHLIGHTS you ask? Well don’t mind if I do!
  • Teen Choice Awards – Whether you’re a Justin Bieber or Twilight fan or not, it was awesome seeing so many famous people in one room!
  • HBO Films – We got to talk to the head haunchos at HBO and got an exclusive private screening of one of their films. After the screening they discussed the entire process of making the film and gave us all tips on how they got into the business.
  • Disneyland – Need I say more?
That’s about it about Grady LA, if you get into the program I would really suggest doing it, especially if you’re not comfortable with the amount of information you receive from your classes.
COMING SOON! – Advice on being an intern, noted and learned by yours truly! Stay tuned!

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