Info Session Recap

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

In case you missed our info session tonight you’re still in luck! Here are some of the basics we covered at the session.


Open to all majors and experience levels, with Filmmaking Union learn the ins and outs of the film industry and how to be a do it yourself filmmaker.


Fall 2012 – Production! We’ll be filming our web series throughout the semester and introducing members to different areas of production through workshops.

*Dec. 1st 2012– Networking Connection, meet UGA alumni and film industry professionals from Atlanta, LA and NYC.

Spring 2013 – More production!

*Jan. 2013 – Guerilla Film Fest!** We provide the equipment. You make whatever film you want to in 127 hours. Prizes will be


Roles – We’ll be going over all areas of production including: producing, directing, assistant directing, camera, lighting, audio, production design, editing, and more. Additionally, each semester we’ll also call for new ideas through our scriptwriting contest, Project Green Light.

Equipment – We will be shooting with a Canon DSLR 7D camera, a professional HD camera used on films such as Like Crazy.


All we ask is that as part of our production team you help fundraise for our project through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a fantastic website that allows you to create a project, set a goal for how much money you want to raise, create a deadline for when you want the money raised by and then anyone can donate to your project. THE CATCH: if Filmmaking Union sets our goal to $2000 and we only raise $1999 then we get NONE of it. It’s all or nothing.

We need you to ask anyone you know to help contribute to our project. Each member is asked to fundraise $50 for our project. That’s it! The money we raise will not only go towards sustainable equipment that you’ll get to use but also contribute to all our film productions this year.


We’ll be holding workshops Mondays at 7pm leading up to the days we start filming. Filming is tentatively schedule for the weekends of 10/13, 10/20 and 10/27. Note – based on your the production role you desire you will not be expected to attend all these dates. Location TBA over listserv and Facebook weekly before each meeting and rooms for the rest of the semester will be post by the end of September.

•9/24 – Workshop (focus pre-production/assistant directing)

•10/01 – General meeting/Workshop (directing/production design/hair/makeup/wardrobe)

•10/08 – Workshop (focus camera/lighting)

•10/15 – Workshop (focus audio/post production)

•10/22 – Workshop (focus post production)

•10/29 – Shooting Begins/Post

•11/05 – Shooting/Post

•11/12 – Shooting/Post (last meeting before break)


If you want to come away this semester with production skills, friends, and a greater understanding of the film industry and what specific area of film is right for you, come as often as you can.  The more involved you are, the more influence you’ll have on the final product. If you want to be involved yet have a conflict, contact us through email and we’ll work out a plan.


All current officers are 4th years and we’re ready to pass the torch. If you interested in gaining a leadership position and learning more about film production and the industry, asks us how you can be more involved this year in the fall or spring. Elections will be held early spring 2013. What are we looking for? Enthusiasm!


If you’re still interested in getting involved and couldn’t make the meeting, email us at and we’ll send you a crew sign up sheet. Please request a sheet and email a complete form by THIS SUNDAY 9/23.

**Guerilla Film Fest will take place in lieu of CampusMovie Fest that will no longer be coming to UGA. 


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