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A Fighting Chance

Posted: February 14, 2012 in FU News, Student Films

A Fighting Chance

Be sure to try to watch ‘A Fighting Chance’ on Hulu before FU’s meeting this Thursday at 6:30 in MLC room 267! Director of the film, Takashi Doscher, will be coming to speak to us about his experiences producing a documentary that was picked up by ESPN!

Come with questions to ask! This is your opportunity to get some great insider tips on what you can do to get YOUR work out there in the industry!


Here is a look of some of the great trailers and shorts shown at the Cinematic Showdown, student film festival this past Wednesday, November 9th.

Fakin’ It Trailer, Alina Yudkevich


Knightmare, Dustin Hitzing and Andrea Skellie


Tortura de la Muerta, David Goehring and Darien LaBeach


Detour, David Trocivia

Brandon Stiles as clown mafia leader “Joey Balloons”

Over the past few months, I have had the honor of working as co-producer on an the independent study, Within the Shadows. This film is directed by Grady Mass Media Arts student, Mark Willard, the 2011 Campus Movie Fest winner for UGA. Within the Shadows is an action-packed comedy about two boys who must rescue their friend Emma from the clown mafia using the guidance of a kooky blind ninja master.

This project has been a labor of love to say the least.  Co-Producer Amanda Wade and I spent days of pre-production scheduling, casting, filling out mountains of paperwork and keeping the the production on point. After weeks of planning, the real fun began. Filming began the first week of October.

Like every film, the production has had its challenges. With a shoe string budget, location choices are limited and you have to rely on the goodness of your cast and crew to show up to set everyday for no pay. Despite these obstacles, filming has been a blast. I highly recommend getting out there and working on student films. The more help they have, the better the finished product will be!

Andrea Skellie – Andrea is the Vice President of Filmmaking Union and senior Mass Media Arts major.       

*Edited by Meredith McKay

The clown mob in downtown Athens.

Director Mark Willard goes over lines with the cast.

Director of Photography, Mike Kljucaric, with actor, Cody Sanders.

The crew working hard on the playground!

The annual Grady College Student Film Festival held Thursday May 12th displayed the vast array of talent from the Telecommunication department at the University of Georgia. The festival showed a variety of films from introductory to advanced production courses. Students praised professors Jennifer Smith and James Biddle for their filmmaking success. Dennis Adamovich from Turner Entertainment Network was among the many distinguished guests. Congratulations to all GradyFest entries and the Telecommunication/Mass Media Arts graduates!


The Orkids – “What is it with Me”

Produced by David Oster, Directed by Matt Beaty



Produced by Tim Barrett, Directed by Morgan Pelligrino


“Interior Design”

Produced by Richard Simpson, Directed by Mathew Mitchell


“Go Play: Adventures at Sea”

Produced by Brandon Smith, Directed by Rachel Foley



Produced by Matt Beaty, Directed by Becky Silva


“Going Pro”

Produced by Amy Ishii & Chris Hoehner

BEST OF 3210


Produced by Gillian Furqueron, Directed by Luke Galloway


“Madam Matilda”

Produced By Ali Hurley, Directed by Jonna Capehart

“DTR in the Dino Zombie Apocalypse”

Produced by James Biddle, Directed by Taylor Finley

“A Ghost Story”

Produced by Davis Griffin, Directed by David Oster

“Library Crooks”

Produced by Colleen Terry & Michael Waldron

Reptar – “Cannabis Canyon”

Produced by Marty Simpson, Directed by Katie Gasner


Produced by Stephanie Richards, Directed by Kristen Gillies

Congratulations to all our members’ whose films made it to the Finale of CMF!