Red Giant puts out a powerful color correction software called Magic Bullet. There are multiple products coupled together in the Magic Bullet Suite, offering tools for just about any scenario. (For those of you who are cheap like me, they also have a free version of their standard corrector, Colorista II). Basically, there’s so much the program can offer, it’s hard to break it down simply.

And so, Red Giant put together this surprisingly awesome short film simply to serve as an example of their array of products in action.

Probably the next coolest thing to watching that film is watching the making of. It’s there that you can see the real before/after shots that are run through color correction.

From here, you can begin to decide if your project could benefit from Magic Bullet. The pricing is steep at times, but compared to higher-end professional correction, the folks at Red Giant have made a truly great product for the price. Also, there’s free trials for all the products, so don’t think you can’t at least try out everything (if you don’t mind watermarks).

 – David, Production Chair


This Week…

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Career Resources, FU News

FU’s Scriptwriting Workshop!

Learn about writing for the short, targeting a film competition’s audience, and pitching your idea while meeting other student filmmakers! All levels of experience welcome.

Thursday, September 15th at 7pmMLC, Room 275 

In case you haven’t heard of Koo, it’s about time you have. He’s a young up and coming filmmaker who started the site No Film School out of his parent’s house back in 2005. Aside from creating the DSLR Cinematography Guide, keeping his readers updated on the latest gadgets and advice, and creating the award winning online webisode series The West Side, Koo has embarked on the uphill battle of doing his first feature film, Man-Child. The film is a documentary embarks on the world of NCAA basketball recruitment…starting in the 7th grade.

Check out the multimedia lookbook Koo put together for producers!

How’s he going to do it? Good question. Like many young filmmakers Koo is running a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funding necessary to start production. Kickstarter is a funding platform where you can pitch your idea, in this case film, to an online audience. You set your goal amount of money you need to raise and anyone can contribute to help you reach your goal.

The real kicker – unless you reach your goal, you don’t get any of the funding. That’s right: NONE OF IT. Koo’s goal for Man-Child is to reach $115,000. With two weeks to go, Koo’s got some strides to make now that his campaign has slowed around the $46,000 mark. After targeting his No Film School readers, Koo’s next strategy is to us Twitter to target NBA stars to help him reach his goal. Think it will work?

This is a great panel discussion from the Tribeca Film Institute. Plug in some headphones and enjoy!


Moderated by Tribeca Film Festival’s short film programmer Sharon Badal, a panel of filmmakers and industry leaders will discuss this ever-important question and more:

  • Sandi DuBowski, producer of A Jihad for Love
  • Macky Alston, award-winning documentary filmmaker
  • Moon Molson, director (TAA alum)
  • Buboo Kakati, writer/director/producer (TAA alum)
  • Rodney Evans, director

*Excerpt from TBI. Find complete bios at Tribeca Film Institute Blog

The annual Grady College Student Film Festival held Thursday May 12th displayed the vast array of talent from the Telecommunication department at the University of Georgia. The festival showed a variety of films from introductory to advanced production courses. Students praised professors Jennifer Smith and James Biddle for their filmmaking success. Dennis Adamovich from Turner Entertainment Network was among the many distinguished guests. Congratulations to all GradyFest entries and the Telecommunication/Mass Media Arts graduates!


The Orkids – “What is it with Me”

Produced by David Oster, Directed by Matt Beaty



Produced by Tim Barrett, Directed by Morgan Pelligrino


“Interior Design”

Produced by Richard Simpson, Directed by Mathew Mitchell


“Go Play: Adventures at Sea”

Produced by Brandon Smith, Directed by Rachel Foley



Produced by Matt Beaty, Directed by Becky Silva


“Going Pro”

Produced by Amy Ishii & Chris Hoehner

BEST OF 3210


Produced by Gillian Furqueron, Directed by Luke Galloway


“Madam Matilda”

Produced By Ali Hurley, Directed by Jonna Capehart

“DTR in the Dino Zombie Apocalypse”

Produced by James Biddle, Directed by Taylor Finley

“A Ghost Story”

Produced by Davis Griffin, Directed by David Oster

“Library Crooks”

Produced by Colleen Terry & Michael Waldron

Reptar – “Cannabis Canyon”

Produced by Marty Simpson, Directed by Katie Gasner


Produced by Stephanie Richards, Directed by Kristen Gillies

Congratulations to all our members’ whose films made it to the Finale of CMF!